IVC Scholarship Past Questions and Answers PDF

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Download IVC Scholarship Past Questions and Answers 2020 updated version on this page. The PDF versions is embedded on this page.

The IVC Exams past questions is for aide candidates taking the forthcoming International Vocational Centre Scholarship Scheme exams to prepare adequately.

IVC Scholarship Past Questions

The International Vocational Centre Scholarship Scheme is slated after May 4, 2020 which is the registration deadline.

This past questions covers the following categories;

  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • College of Education
  • Polytechnics
  • Universities
  • Master’s Degree (MSC and MBA)

IVC Scholarship past questions is mandatory for those who intend to be successful in the scholarship scheme, as earlier mentioned the IVC exams past questions on this page covers Secondary Schools, College of Education, Polytechnic and Universities.

This past questions is give you proper guide which include area of focus, understanding IVC marking scheme, possible repetition of questions, detailed correct answer for each question.

How to Download IVC Scholarship Past Questions

To get your own copy of International Vocational Centre Scholarship Scheme exams past questions, you are to make payment of Two Thousand Naira (N2,000) into the account below;

Account Name: Godswill Mfon Etim

Account Number: 0257234680

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

Price = N2,000

IVC Scholarship Past Questions

What to DO After Payment

Once you are done with payment either transfer, deposit of ATM card contact admin on 07087135843 via WhatsApp, Call or text to validate your payment and then get your own copy.

There is no reason to hesitate with payment as you are 100% safe purchasing the ebook with us. You can as well call admin before purchase.

IVC Scholarship Exams Past Questions Samples

Below are very few posted to help you get an idea of what IVC exams past questions and answers is like.

Express 0.75 as fraction

(a) 1/4

(b) 3/8

(c) 1/2

(d) ¾

Factorize 3x3 + 4x2 – l3x + 6 completely, given that x – is a factor.

(a) (x – 1)(x – 3)(x + 2)

(b) (x – l)(x +3)(x -2)

(c) (x 1)(x +3)(3x -2)

(d) (x – 1)(x + 3)(3x -2) 2. (x – lXx – 3)(x + 2)

Express the product of 0.21 and 0.34 in standard form

(a) 7.14 x 10-3

(b) 7.14 x 10-1

(c) 7.14 x10-2

(d)7.14 x 10-4

(e) 7.14 x 10

7 pupils of average age 12 years leave a class of 25 pupils average age l4years. If 6 new pupils of average age 11 years join the class, what is the average age of the pupils now in the class?

(a) 13 years

(b) 12 years 11/2 months

(c) 13 years 5 months

(d) 13 years 10 months

(e) 13 years 71/2 months

Without ………. words he accused him directly of treachery.

(a) Amending

(b) Modifying

(c) Mixing

(d) Mincing

(e) Minimizing

They tried to cash in the people ignorance

(a) Under

(b) On

(c) Against

(d) With

(e) At

Always remember to ………. the lights before leaving the room

(a) Put on

(b) Put off

(c) Switch off

(d) Blow out

(e) Remove

The proprietors should be blamed for such a deplorable condition in the nursery schools ……….

(a) Isn’t it

(b) Shouldn’t they

(c) Should they

(d) Is it

(e) Wouldn’t they

Do you mind ………. another minute or two?

(a) To wait

(b) Wait

(c) Waiting

(d) Being waited

(f) Waits

It had been raining before the match started ……….

(a) Isn’t it

(b) Hasn’t it

(c) Hadn’t it

(d) Wasn’t it

(e) Haven’t it

Mary goes to school ………. Bus

(a) In

(b) On

(c) With

(d) Of

(e) By

The plane overshot the ………. in a minor accident

(a) Read

(b) Hanger

(c) Runway

(d) Tarmac

(e) Railway


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